Core Technology

Skelmet’s core technology is 3D Custom-Fit, which refers to all the technologies we created during the mass-customization process.

3D Custom-Fit means:

  • Use 3D scanning to get 3D body scans.
  • Use algorithms to design custom-fitted products based on 3D body scans.
  • Use 3D printing as the primary method to manufacture custom-fitted products.

Products and Services

Skelmet focuses on developing products and services that have 3D Custom-Fit features.

Skelmet offers premium custom-fitted sunglasses to customers. We believe that everybody is unique, so should their sunglasses.

With quality in mind, we use HP Jet Fusion, the most advanced 3D printing technology, to manufacture all the frames. We choose the best lenses from Essilor, which is the largest lens manufacturer in the world.

We also help hospitals and research institutes, participating in vision rehabilitation research projects. Our custom-fitted frames serve as the platforms for testing and curing.

Technology Segments

For your better understanding, we divide it into several parts:

  1. 3D Scanning And 3D Model Analysis Algorithms
  2. Parametric Modeling Algorithms
  3. Parameter Adjustment Algorithms
  4. Order and Manufacturing Management System

For more details about 3D-Custom Fit technologies, please visit our Journal page.

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