Pain Points

Individual uniqueness conflicts with traditional mass production. Diversity of customers is rising, and desires of confidence for all groups of people drive changes in the design technologies. The huge amount of wastes posing threat to the environment. People care about green and smart manufacturing.


Mobile 3D scanning with smartphones is very accessible for average customers. 3D printing is very advanced. It is practical and affordable for mass-customization. Environmental friendly businesses become favorable among consumers. The fashion and sports eyewear industry heavily rely on offline stores. Creating better online shopping experiences and products/services is the key to future success.

Our Solutions

Focus on 3D Custom-Fit products and services. Start with custom-fitted sports sunglasses. Build 3D scanning App based on iPhone FaceID sensors. Use algorithms to automate the custom design process. Build green and smart 3D printing factories. Vertical integration of design, manufacturing, and sales. Provide the best online shopping experience. Be a brand that customers can trust.


Directly connected to Customers. Independent from all other channels. Saved the cost of the offline stores and almost zero inventory pressure. Better products and services compared to non-custom-fitted products. The 3D scanning models we collected are extremely valuable. Made-to-order, means almost zero waste. Environmental friendly. Return because of poor fitting is a huge problem for online shopping. 3D Custom-fit perfectly solves it. Basically the future way of designing and making things. No need to explain too much.

Fund Raising

Looking for angel round. Targeting 10 billion fashion and sports eyewear market, and 10 million medical frames market.

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