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Welcome to Skelmet’s online shopping website. To become our customer, you need to 3D scan your head with our 3D scanning App. The App is called Skelmet Custom Fit Eyewear, and you could find it on the iOS App Store.
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Supported Devices

Our 3D scanning App is developed based on Apple’s FaceID technology. Only iPhone with FaceID function can run this App. Here’s the list of supported devices:
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
( Published on April-8-2020 )
if your iPhone has a notch, it has the FaceID function.

Tutorials and Tips

Our 3D scanning App has a built-in tutorial. Please follow the instructions and practice a few times. Here’s some useful tips:
  • Don’t cover your ear
  • Make sure you scanned your ear
  • Find a swim cap to compress the hair
  • Scan under soft bright white lights
  • Ask help from family and friends
  • Contact us through Help Center if you have questions

3D Scanning Explained

3D scanning has already been widely used in the research and industry area since the 2000s. It’s not quite popular in the consumer market until Apple released iPhone X with FaceID in 2017. We’ve tried several 3D scanning methods and think Apple’s FaceID is currenly the best way for our customers to get 3D scanned accurately and conveniently.
Apple's FaceID Icon

The key component of Apple’s FaceID for 3D scanning is the TrueDepth camera. It has three modules:

  • A dot projector that projects a grid of small infrared dots onto a user’s face
  • A module called the flood illuminator that reads the resulting pattern and generates a 3D facial map
  • An infrared camera which takes an infrared picture of the user 
The key components of the TrueDepth camera of Apple's FaceID

As you move your head during 3D scanning, Apple’s FaceID sensor records the 3D coordinate of every dot on your face. And after the scanning, the processor would generate a 3D head model from these 3D point cloud data. Then, our mass-customization system uses your 3D head model to design the custom-fitted product for you.

A 3D head model generated by our 3D scanning App

Why We Need Your 3D Scan

Skelmet is built on the idea of mass-customization. Our business model looks like this:
  1. Customers send us their 3D scans
  2. Our system automatically generates 3D designs of custom-fitted products
  3. We manufacture the products using 3D printing
Skelmet’s 3D Custom-Fit Technologies give the customers better online shopping experience. The customers don’t have to try the sunglasses on in the local stores. Instead, they could buy our professionally designed and custom-fitted sunglasses online, which is much more convenient and has better quality.
photo_2020-04-23_20-28-12 (2)
Skelmet's 3D Custom-Fit Logo
So, we require customers to download our 3D scan App and upload their 3D scan before placing orders. The customer’s 3D data will be used for customizing the products and improving product designs.

Data Security

Technology innovation brings benefits but also risks. As a responsible company, we understand the customer’s concern with data security and treat this issue very carefully. We use the highest encryption options we could, and we never hand out customer’s 3D data to third parties.
We guarantee that we will not use customer’s 3D data for purposes other than product design, developing mass-customization technologies and related research. Please visit Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Manage My Data pages for more information. Links are at the footer bottom area of this website.