About Us

Founded in Boston in 2016 by James Cao and Rain Wang, Skelmet is empowered by mass-customization technologies, which are also referred to as 3D Custom-Fit by us.

Our 3D Custom-Fit technology is about how to let the computer modeling programs automatically design custom-fitted products based on people’s 3D scan and manufacture these products with 3D-printing machines.

These disruptive implementations of artificial intelligence and 3D-printing technologies will greatly improve the level of comfort and functionality of these wearable gears as well as shaping an unprecedentedly sustainable business model with zero-waste.

The two co-founders won the “Forbes 30 under 30” awards in 2018.

Mass Customization

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Name and Logo

“Skelmet” is the combination of “skeleton” and “helmet” as our first prototype was a helmet. Though we only offer eyewear products currently, we are very excited about planning out new products in the near future. Maybe one day we will have helmets. So, stay tuned.

Our logo is a 3D Möbius strip projected onto the 2D surface. It represents infinity and the connection of two worlds. That sounds like what we are doing here, which is bridging the physical world and the 3D world with our technologies to reinvent consumer products.

Mission and Vision

We want to show the world a better way of design and manufacture.

We believe all wearable products should be custom-fitted for each individual user and we strive to bring this cutting-edge technology into everyday life.

Today, it is non-negotiable that consumer products should be manufactured in a clean, intelligent, and more environmental-friendly way.

We are also pleased to help those who need our 3D Custom-Fit technologies to improve their products. For example, we are working with a vision rehabilitation research team in Boston, providing custom-fitted frames for their patients.

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