Introducing Skelmet

Brief History

Skelmet Inc was founded by James (Yu) Cao and Rain (Yuting) Wang in Boston in 2016. In the beginning, they were planing to make motorcycle helmets with 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies. Then they decided to make custom-fitted sport sunglasses.

From 2016 to early 2018: 

Rain and James held a crowd-funding campaign on They received a small amount of funding from Plug&Play and other investors. They participated in a lot of entrepreneur events in the US and China during this period, such as MIT-CHIEF’s China-Trip program, HAX Growth accelerator, and MassChallenge. The two co-founders won Forbes 30 Under 30 awards in 2018.

From late 2018 to 2019: 

Built e-commerce website and 3D scanning App. They developed their first product, the F1 series. It’ a life-style sunglasses which it’s custom-fitted for customers, and it demonstrated how the product and service should look. They managed to solve the manufacturing problem in the US.

From 2020 to now: 

Begin testing market and online sales, polishing our service and the systems, expanding product lines, looking for the next round of funding.

Research and Innovation

Our research focuses on mass-customization technologies, which are also referred to as 3D Custom-Fit technologies. Explaining this in the simplest language, it’s about how to let the computer programs automatically design custom-fitted products worn on the head or body use people’s 3D scan, and how to make these products with 3D printing machines.

The products could utilize the 3D Custom-Fit technologies include sunglasses, helmets, respirators, mask frames, medical equipment like custom-fitted EEG brackets. Adopting 3D Custom-fit technologies will greatly improve the comfort and functionality of these wearable gears.

If you are interested in the 3D Custom-fit technologies, please visit the Technologies page for more information.

Products and Services

We are building our sport sunglasses brand with our 3D Custom-fit technologies. Currently, the F1 series is available. As our first product, the F1 series is a life-style sport sunglasses, and it’s quite affordable. We use the F1 series as a testing platform to improve our service. With the data and experience we collected on the F1 series, we are preparing more models, covering more sports categories.

Unlike traditional sunglasses brands, Skelmet integrates design, customization, production, and sales into a single system. We build algorithms and systems that could process the orders. We create the 3D scan App and e-commerce website. And we build production lines and assemble sunglasses on our own.

We are interested in helping other people who need our 3D Custom-fit technologies to improve their product. For example, we are working with a vision rehabilitation research team in Boston, providing custom-fitted frames for their patients. 

Any wearable gear should be custom-made for the user to maximize comfort and functionality. What we could do is help to build the 3D Custom-fit algorithms which produce the 3D CAD model of the products, and let them use our 3D scan systems.

Our Mission

We want to be a great sports sunglasses brand first. A brand that people would trust and provide real value to customers in the long term. We’ll bring more interesting and innovative designs on the market with our unique 3D Custom-fit technologies. And we’ll offer the best service to our customers.

We want to show the world a better way of design, manufacture, and sell wearable gears. In the future, all wearable gear should be custom-fitted for each individual user, and you could order the custom-fitted product online, and the products are manufactured in a clean, intelligent and more environmentally friendly local factory.

Name and Logo

“Skelmet” is the combination of two words: skeleton and helmet. We think it’s a unique and cool name for a helmet maker, so we use it as our company’s name, although we won’t make helmets right now.

Our logo is a 3D Möbius strip projected onto the 2D surface. It represents infinity and the connection of two sides, or worlds you should say. That sounds like what we are doing here, which is bridging the physical world and 3D world with our technologies.

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